Eliminator - 23/07/2021


Fishery Focus

The format for this match is new for the BCAC, driven by the current circumstances, but if popular may find its way into the calendar permanently in some way.


  • Venues: Linear Fisheries – Brasenose 1 & Brasenose 2
  • Dates: 9th – 11th July AND 23rd – 25th July
  • Entry Price: £400 per pair


  • The competition will be open to 32 pairs (16 per Lake) on a first come first served basis.
  • The Match will be fished over Two Legs on Two Lakes and will be decided on a cumulative points basis.
  • At the start of the first weekend Anglers will draw which lake they will fish that weekend, they will then draw their peg. Both draws will be “ Out of The Bag”.
  • On the second weekend anglers will fish the other lake and an “Out of The Bag” draw will again take place to determine swims.
  • The winners of each lake will be decided on a total weight basis and awarded 16 points. Points will then reduce in line with the ranking on that lake. If no fish are caught by a pair then they will receive no points.
  • EG: 1st 16 points, 2nd 15 points, 3rd  14 points, Etc…
  • The Pair with the largest points total over the two lags will be crowed Champions.
  • If pairs are drawing on points after two legs, Total Cumulative weight over the two legs will decide the rankings.
  • If there is still a draw most fish caught over the two legs will decide rankings. After that if still drawing the Biggest Fish will decide. In the unlikely event there is still a draw the pair with fastest fish will decide the ranking.


As this was a points event please simply ingnor the \”weight\” aspect…  the \”lbs\” listed is the points that they finished on, any listed with \”oz\” also is simply to make sure they are ranked correctly.

For the total weights and lake results, head over to our facebook page!

Live Scores

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Pre Match Report


JACK MEYER & Lewis Swift                               637lb 13oz                               31

Jamie Nicholson & Adrian Nicholson              752lb 01oz                               30

Billy Flowers & Jamie Londors                          629lb 08oz                               30

Dave Barlow & Matt Barlow                            432lb 07oz                               28

Mark Bartlett & Kevin Hewitt                            1039lb 01oz                              25

Ashley Izzard & Tony Reynolds                         267lb 09oz                               25

Leigh Saunders & Mark Gregory                      240lb 13oz                               25

James Brown & Ewan Roberts                         270lb 12oz                               24

Keiran Sefton & Shane Kent                            229lb 08oz                               22

Paul Branfield & David Martin                         201lb 03oz                               21

Ste Alford & Dean Crust                                  185lb 05oz                               20

Colin Scott & Andy Mundy                              186lb 10oz                               18

Andy Grant & Callum Grant                            141lb 04oz                               18

Edward Mckenna & Mike Williams                  124lb 12oz                               17

Andrew Roberts & Joe Sallis                            117lb 05oz                               17

Liam Morgan & Wayne Fearon                       140lb 00oz                               16

Adam Lee & Billy Evans                                   120lb 12oz                               16

Jane Henthorn & Paula Marriott                      106lb 04oz                               16

Kieren Joseph & Callum Lee                           496lb 10oz                               15

Barry Swift & Jamie Farr                                   156lb 15oz                               15

Tom Aspital & Gareth Evans                            199lb 15oz                               13

Jason Dowling & Joe Sanders                         168lb 00oz                               10

Lewis Gray & Dylan Willet                                129lb 08oz                               9

Charlie Stone & Daniel Gardner                      43lb 0oz                                   8

Kevin McConnell & Alister Kirkhope                38lb 03oz                                 7

Catherine Robertson & Joanne Barlow          21lb 0oz                                   7

Simon Gardner & Kevin Gardner                     33lb 03oz                                 6

Craig Hooper & Tom Higgins                           23lb 00oz                                 4

Craig Burger & Lee Broad                               0lb 0oz                                     0

James Pither & Bruce Larg                              0lb 0oz                                     0

William Oflynn & Daniel Oflynn                        0lb 0oz                                     0

Keifer Brewer & Kyle Poxon                             0lb 0oz                                     0